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Plany / Schedule

Plan zajęć / The schedule

1 semester, 2018/2019 last upgrade: 13, September, 2018

3 grupa wg planu została zamknięta, plan obowiązuje dla dwóch grup:1 i 2


*the choice foreign language by the website https://intranet.sggw.pl/jezyki-ssl/lektorat.php or on the first didactic classes according on the schedule b.28, 3rd floor, room 304

*Chemistry: the lecture will start 1 th October, laboratory classes will start 8 October

 Agrometeorolgy: At the teacher's request, classes moved to room 3/19 in building 37

ATTENTION: field exercises with Agrometeorology planned on Fridays 5 and 12 October will start at 12.00 midday and the meeting will be in the building 33 in front of room 218 on the second floor.



The university concludes agreements with students. According to the Study Regulations, every first-year student is required to report to the Dean's office within 7 days of the beginning of the studies and sign the agreement.



Not signing a contract means resignation from studies








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