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Publikacje 2019

1.Bacterial pseudokinase catalyzes protein polyglutamylation to inhibit the SidE-family ubiquitin ligases.
M. H. Black, A. Osinski, M. Gradowski, K. A. Servage, K. Pawłowski, D. R. Tomchick, V. S. Tagliabracci.
Science (2019) 364, 787–792.

2. Improved survival prognostication of node-positive malignant melanoma patients utilizing shotgun proteomics guided by histopathological characterization and genomic data / L. H. Betancourt, K. Pawłowski, J. Eriksson, A. M. Szasz, S. Mitra i in. Scientific Reports 2019, nr 9, art. 5154, s. 1-14   

3. Ectomycorrhizal colonisation in declining oak stands on the Krotoszyn Plateau, Poland / R. M. Bzdyk, J. Olchowik, M. Studnicki i in. Forests 2019, Vol. 10, nr 1, art. 30, s. 1-21   

4. Sensory evaluation of poultry meat : a comparative survey of results from normal sighted and blind people  K. Damaziak, A. Stelmasiak, J. Riedel, Ż. Zdanowska-Sąsiadek, M. Bucław, D. Gozdowski i in. PLoS One 2019, Vol. 14, nr 1, art. e0210722, s. 1-24 

5. Quantitative Proteomics Identifies Brain Acid Soluble Protein 1 (BASP1) as a Prognostic Biomarker in Pancreatic Cancer.
Q. Zhou, R. Andersson, D. Hu, M. Bauden, A. Sasor, K. Pawłowski, I. Pla Parada, K. Said Hilmersson, M. Zhou, F. Lu, G. Marko-Varga, D. Ansari.
EBioMedicine (2019) in the press. doi.org/10.1016/j.ebiom.2019.04.008

6. Clinical Protein Science in Translational Medicine Targeting Malignant Melanoma.
J. Gil, L. Betancourt, I. Pla, A. Sanchez, R. Appelqvist, T. Miliotis, M. Kuras, H. Oskolas, Y. Kim, Z. Horvath, J. Eriksson, E. Berge, E. Burestedt, G. Jönsson, B. Baldetorp, C. Ingvar, H. Olsson, L. Lundgren, P. Horvatovich, J. Rodriguez Murillo, Y. Sugihara, C. Welinder, E. Wieslander, B. Lee, H. Lindberg, K. Pawłowski, H. Jeong Kwon, V. Doma, J. Timar, S. Karpati, A.M. Szasz, I. Nemeth, T. Nishimura, G. Corthals, M. Rezeli, B. Knudsen, J. Malm, G. Marko-Varga. Cell Biology and Toxicology (2019) in the press.
7. Strategy of Ginkgo biloba L. in the mitigation of salt stress in the urban environment / W. Dmuchowski, P. Brągoszewska, D. Gozdowski i in. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 2019, Vol. 38, s. 223-231   

8. Impact of different levels of anthropogenic pressure on the plant species composition in woodland sites / B. Fornal-Pieniaka, M. Ollik, A. Schwerk.    Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 2019, Vol. 38, s. 295-304   

9. Oral findings in children and adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome / D. Olczak-Kowalczyk, E. Korporowicz, D. Gozdowski i in. Clinical Oral Investigations 2019, Vol. 23, nr 3, s. 1331-1339   

10. Ferric sulfate and formocresol pulpotomies in paediatric dental practice : a prospective– retrospective study / D. Olczak-Kowalczyk, M. Samul, J. Góra, D. Gozdowski, A. Turska-Szybka.    European Journal of Paediatric Dentistry 2019, Vol. 20, nr 1, s. 27-32   

11. An initial evaluation of cytotoxicity, genotoxicity and antibacterial effectiveness of a disinfection liquid containing silver nanoparticles alone and combined with a glass-ionomer cement and dentin bonding systems / A. Porenczuk, A. Grzeczkowicz, I. Maciejewska, M. Gołaś i in.  Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine 2019, Vol. 28, nr 1, s. 75-83   

12. Thus far but no further : predatory mites do not migrate effectively into strawberry plantations / D. Sikorska, J. Garnis, Z.T. Dąbrowski, P. Sikorski, D. Gozdowski, R.J. Hopkins.    Experimental and Applied Acarology 2019, Vol. 77, nr 3, s. 359-373   

13. Adaptation patterns of winter wheat cultivars in agro-ecological regions / M. Studnicki, A. Derejko , E. Wójcik-Gront , M. Kosma.    Scientia Agricola 2019, Vol. 76, nr 2, s. 148-156

14. Zachwaszczenie pszenżyta jarego w zmianowaniu i monokulturze w zależności od wieloletniego nawożenia mineralnego / I. Suwara, M. Masionek, A. Wysmułek, A. Ciesielska, D. Gozdowski.    Fragmenta Agronomica 2019, R. 36, nr 1, s. 67-77   

15. Trends in caries experience and background factors in 3-year-old children in Poland : evidence from epidemiological surveys during 2002–2017 / A. Turska-Szybka, U. Kaczmarek, D. Gozdowski i in. Anthropological Review 2019, Vol. 82, nr 1, s. 79-90 

16. A novel conserved family of Macro-like domains––putative new players in ADP-ribosylation signalling. M. Dudkiewicz, K. Pawłowski. PeerJ (2019), 7, e6863.  


Publikacje 2018


1. Protein AMPylation by an evolutionarily conserved pseudokinase. Sreelatha A., Yee S., Lopez V., Park B., Kinch L., Pilch S., Servage K., Zhang J., Jiou J., Karasiewicz-Urbańska M., Łobocka M., Grishin N., Orth K., Kucharczyk R., Pawłowski K., Tomchick D., Tagliabracci V. Cell. 2018, Vol. 175, nr 3, pp. 809-821,

2. Genome-wide functional analyses of plant coiled-coil NLR-type pathogen receptors reveal essential roles of their N-terminal domain in oligomerization, networking, and immunity. Wróblewski T., Spiridon L., Martin E., Petrescu A., Cavanaugh K., Truco M., Xu H., Gozdowski D., Pawłowski K., Michelmore R., Takken F. PLoS Biology. 2018, Vol. 16, nr 12, art. e2005821, pp. 1-28

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6. Genetic mapping of psl locus and quantitative trait loci for angular leaf spot resistance in cucumber ( Cucumis sativus L.). Słomnicka R., Olczak-Woltman H., Korzeniewska A., Gozdowski D., Niemirowicz-Szczytt K., Bartoszewski G. Molecular Breeding. 2018, Vol. 38, nr 9, art. 111, pp. 1-9

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12. Ecological risk assessment for land contaminated by petrochemical industry. Gworek B., Baczewska-Dąbrowska A., Kalinowski R., Górska E., Rekosz-Burlaga H., Gozdowski D., Olejniczak I.,Graniewska M., Dmuchowski W. PLoS One. 2018, Vol. 13, nr 10, art. e0204852, pp. 1-15

13. Evaluation of the impact of reducing national emissions of SO2 and metals in Poland on background pollution using a bioindication method. Dmuchowski W., Gozdowski D., Baczewska-Dąbrowska A., Dąbrowski P., Gworek B., Suwara I. PLoS One. 2018, Vol. 13, nr 2, art. e0192711, pp. 1-17

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16. Divergent strategies displayed by potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) cultivars to cope with soil drought. Boguszewska-Mańkowska D., Pieczyński M., Wyrzykowska A, Kalaji H. M., Sieczko L., Szweykowska-Kulińska Z., Zagdańska B. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science. 2018, Vol. 204, nr 1, pp. 13-30,

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32. Wpływ nanocząstek srebra i miedzi na wzrost i ograniczanie pasożytniczej zgorzeli siewek sosny zwyczajnej (Pinus sylvestris L.) w szkółce Nadleśnictwa Spychowo. Aleksandrowicz-Trzcińska M., Szaniawski A., Sołtys A., Baszak K., Studnicki M. Sylwan. 2018, R. 162, nr 6, pp. 490-498,

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 Publikacje 2017


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 Publikacje 2016


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