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Czasopismo APP

is published:



The Franciszek Górski Institute of Plant Physiology,
Polish Academy of Sciences, Niezapominajek 21, 30-239 Kraków, Poland,
Department of Plant Physiology, Warsaw Agricultural University,
Nowoursynowska 159, 02-776 Warszawa
under auspices of
Committee of Physiology, Genetics and Breeding of Plants,
Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw




publishes papers on all aspects of plant biology at various levels of biological organization, ranging from molecular and cell biology through biochemistry and physiology and up to global environmental issues as related to plants. Contributions should present original, experimental, methodological or theoretical research which has not been submitted elsewhere, unless as an abstract or preliminary note.

APP publishes several types of articles. Regular Papers describing original research are preferred. Authors seeking advice as to the suitability of their submission for publishing in APP should contact the Editorial Office (grzegorz_marszalkowski@sggw.pl). Short Communications, Essays and Letters concerning the important topics in plant biology or other issues of general interest to plant community are encouraged. Articles for the Review and Commentary series, which are subject to review, are usually invited by Editors. However, Authors wishing to publish such contribution should first contact Editor-In-Chief to obtain introductory agreement.


Manuscripts (the original and two clearly legible copies or files attached to an e-mail correspondence) and all correspondence should be addressed to:


Grzegorz Marszałkowski


Acta Physiologiae Plantarum Katedra Fizjologii Roslin SGGW Nowoursynowska 159, 02-776 Warszawa


Acta Physiologiae Plantarum Department of Plant Physiology, Warsaw Agricultural University, Nowoursynowska 159, 02-776 Warszawa, Poland


e-mail: grzegorz_marszalkowski@sggw.pl, telephone: , fax: +48-22-5932521


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