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The past of the Department of Soil Science is linked with the history of two units that were established at different stages of the functioning of SGGW, i.e. the Soil Science Section and the Agriculture Chemistry Section. Its beginnings are connected with the formation of the Faculty of Agriculture in the Scientific Courses Society in 1906. The studies included such subjects as soil science and fertilization (which were the initial stages of the present-day soil science and agriculture chemistry). Formally, as the first was established the Agriculture Chemistry Section in 1911, with prof. dr hab. Józef Mikułowski-Pomorski appointed as its first director, whom he remained until his death in 1935. In the Polish Royal Main School of Agriculture established in 1918, the Agriculture Chemistry Section was part of the Faculty of Agriculture. In 1935 the section was changed into a department under the directorship of prof. Marian Górski till 1960, and later prof. Józef Goralski.
At the same time continued the organizational history of soil science. In 1918, the Soil Science Section with Mineralogy, Petrography and Geology was established in the Faculty of Forestry. In 1922, the section was included in the Faculty of Horticulture and remained in its structures till 1939. At that time several organizational changes took place. In 1923, the Soil Science Section was temporarily moved to Skierniewice. Following the resolution of the Faculty of Horticulture Council in 1932, two sections were joined to form the Department of Soil Science: the Mineralogy, Petrography and Geology Section and the Soil Science Section. The section, and later also the department directors were: dr. Tadeusz J. Woyno, professor of the Warsaw Technical University till 1922 and prof. Józef Sioma until his death in 1937; subsequently till the beginning of the Second World War the curators were the deans of the Faculty of Horticulture. After the Second World War in 1945, the Department of Soil Science was included to the Faculty of Agriculture. Prof. dr hab. Arkadiusz Musierowicz, a professor of the Technical University in Lvov became its director. When he retired in 1964, the curator of the department was prof. M. Birecki, and from 1966 professor Bohdan Dobrzański, who was appointed in 1969 as the director of the Department of Soil Science.
            In 1970, SGGW underwent a reorganization aiming at establishing large units. From three departments: Soil Science, Agriculture Chemistry and Agriculture Microbiology was formed the Institute of Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry, whose director till 1976 was prof. B. Dobrzański. After subsequent organization in 1976 the units were regrouped. Agriculture Chemistry was included into the Interfaculty Institute of Chemistry and Agriculture Chemistry under the leadership of prof. Osman Achmatowicz. Soil Science and Microbiology were joined to form the Institute of Soil Science under the leadership of prof. B. Dobrzański till 1980 and later prof. S. Kowaliński till 1982. Subsequent reorganization in 1982 lead to the formation of independent departments, which till the end of 1999 acted as three independent units: the Department of Soil Sciences, whose directors were prof. Z. Czerwiński (1982-1996) and dr hab. A. Kusińska (1997-1999); the Department of Agriculture Chemistry, with the directors: prof. S. Moskal (1982-1986), prof. T. Barszczak (1986-1991), and prof. S. Mercik (1991-1997) and the Department of Agriculture Microbiology.
            The present-day Department of Soil Environment Sciences was formed in 2000 after the connection of three units. Its directors include dr. hab. D. Czępińska-Kamińska (2000-2008) and dr. hab. Józef Chojnicki (2009-). The department includes two sections (till 2007 also Agriculture Microbiology): the Soil Science Section under the leadership of prof. J. Pracz (2000-2008) and dr W. Kwasowski (2009-), and the Agriculture Chemistry Section, conducted by prof. J. Łabętowicz.

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