Katedra Biometrii - Department of Biometry
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The department has five computer labs equipped with 17 computers each. The labs are used to teach classes in the form of exercise. All computers work in a local area network with full, high-speed internet access. There are around 40 different subjects conducted in the field of mathematics, computer science and statistics. They can be divided into the following five thematic groups :

  • Basic use of computers,
  • Use of computer tools and Information Technology,
  • GIS and CAD sytems
  • Mathematics and mathematical statistics,
  • Biometrics and experimental design.

These activities are carried out primarily for the students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology (fields of study: biology, agriculture and environmental engineering) and Faculty of Food Sciences (fields of study: food technology and human nutrition, food evaluation and safety). We run them on all kinds of studies, i.e. full-time and part-time courses, evening and doctoral programs. In addition to lectures and seminars the other classes are conducted in the form of laboratory classes in small groups with the full use of a computer for each student.

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