Katedra Biometrii - Department of Biometry
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Main fields of research

  • experimental design in agronomy and biology as well as statistical inference based on data,
  • analysis of genotype x environment interaction in plant genetics, breeding and cultivar testing,
  • multivariate data analysis in plant genetics and breeding,
  • application of geostatistical methods in studies on soil, environment and agronomy,
  • graphical methods as statistical tools,
  • mathematical and computer modeling in biological, environmental and agronomic studies,\
  • statistics for agro-biodiversity research,
  • bioinformatics - structure and function predictions for uncharacterised proteins potentially important in biology and in disease,
  • systems biology and bioinformatics analysis of biomedical proteomics experiments

Generally, development and adaptation of mathematical, statistical and computational methods, application and evaluation in biometry, experimental design
and bioinformatics as applied to agricultural, biological and environmental sciences.

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