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Research work


Main fields of research

  • The continuation of studies preparing models of field crops yielding depending on sow technology and fertilization; the studies are concentrated on Triticale, wheat and sugar beets.
  • The continuation of studies of relationship between farms and protected lands; the studies include the effect of the agriculture farming on protected lands and the influence of plant growing technology in ecological and intensive farming system on ervironment of rural area
  • The role of crop rotation, soil cultivation and fertilisation in plants yielding and in environment protection
  • The effects of herbicides applied in crop rotation on some components of soil environment and fields infestation, number of weeds in the soil and quality of yield
  • The investigations on grassland phytocenoses (i.e. structure, biodiveristy, habitats, realtionship between utilisation and the traits of the phytocenoses)
  • The investigation on biology of grasses, legumes and herbs species or cultivars
  • The studies on grass-legume mixtures for different purposes
  • The role of grassland in protection of nature values
  • The grassland and forage production in different management and agricultural systems

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