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Research work

 Scientific activities and research scopes 

·       Estimation of the influence of long-term fertilization, soil cultivation technologies and crop rotation on soil fertility, plant yields and weed infestation.

·       Changes of weed species population depending on cultivation technology and evaluation of herbicides efficiency.

·       Ecological studies on different grassland plant communities.

·       Estimation of yielding of Polish grass cultivars in pure stands and mixtures.

·       Morphological and physiological response of fodder and lawn varieties of grasses to abiotic stresses – water deficiency, soil salinity and low temperature.

·       Innovative technologies of pro-health bakery products and pasta with reduced caloric value.

·       Testing the performance of active optical sensors and satellite derived imagery for variable nitrogen application.

·       Use of soil electrical conductivity, soil fertility, yield maps and remotely-sensed images for management zone delineation and directed soil sampling.

·       Effect of silicon foliar fertilization in sugar beet.



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